Acquiring customers. Better.

Personalized landing pages for each customer.

What if you cloud create a personalized landing page for each specific customer?
Your conversion stats would love it!

Design your landing page once and AiLandings will personalize the experience for each single customer.
Don't worry: graphics and messages will ever be pre-approved by you.

Let's try it!
No integration, no coding, more fun!
Redirect your traffic using the generated URL.
AiLandings will provide public Ai-empowered landing pages for your prospects.
Set the call-to-action exit strategy.
How Ailandings works
AiLandings understands all the data coming from internet connection with the prospect.
We are all different.
The A.I. engine identify the best communication style for each prospect.
AiLandings becomes more and more accurate as your prospects interact with the landing pages.
No integration
All the hosting and computation power is provided by AiLandings. No coding required!
Ready-to-use beautiful templates. AiLandings contains all the functionalities you need: from ready-to-use templates with incredibile photos to GDPR agreement.
3 simple steps Publish an Ai-Empowered landing page in 10 minutes. Let's try it!
Redirect your traffic using the input-URL. Choose one from our templates and provide alternative contents. Define one or more call-to-action or simply redirect leads.